Babyface RME

The audio interface Babyface RME, is a dream come true to the musician on the road who needs to have a high quality  portable sound card, also suitable for recording and mastering.

Babyface RME

Every musician knows that RME provides excellent hardware backed with excellent software.

The best audio interface with a poor driver, would be a constant source of headaches.

A mediocre sound card with poor Mic Preamps and poor AD/DA (Analog to Digital/Digital to Analog) converters, even with the best drivers, will never produce a clean professional sound.

The Babyface RME is equiped with the latest 24 Bit /192 KHz AD/DA converters providing an SNR (Signal to Noise Ratio) of up to 115 dBA guarantees a crystal clear sound quality.

Babyface RME

  • Babyface RME2 High-End mic preamps both digitally controlled, individually switchable 48V phantom power (for pro condenser microphones).
  • Instrument input: Hi-Z mode to directly plug in a guitar or other instruments.
  • Phones output : 2 sets. 1 on the unit and 1 on the breakout cable. Perfect for 2 separate headphones or additional monitors.
  • MIDI Input/Output.
  • Digital Input/Output. Optical TOSLINK I/O usable as ADAT port with SMUX support (multiple digital channels) or SPDIF optical (Stereo IN/OUT).
  • Controls : The rotary knob is used to change the various parameters of the function selected by the button Select.
  • Babyface RME front
  • DSP Engine : Lo cut + 3 band parametric Equalizer available in all input and output channels calculated within its FPGA.
    • Reverb and Echo are calculated on the host CPU with a very small CPU load.

And much more..  See the manual.



Overview of the TotalMix FX

This movie from Youtube takes quiet a while to load.

System Requirements.

• Windows XP SP2 or up, Intel Mac OS X (10.5 or up)
• 1 USB 2.0 port
• Computer with at least Pentium Core 2 Duo CPU

Babyface RME in the studio.

This little Rolls Royce, can be the heart of your home recording studio.

With its outstanding sonic quality and rock solid drivers, it can assure you years of hassle free music production.Babyface RME silverBabyface RME silver




Babyface RME on stage.

Babyface RME bagFor the guitarist singer on the road, it’s a dream come true:
Plug the microphone in the balanced XLR of the breakout cable,
Plug the guitar in instrument the HI-Z input on the side of the device,
Plug the balanced outputs to the PA.
Set the EQ, Reverb and Echo for both (or load a previously saved preset),
Enjoy the sound.

For the keyboardist singer, different scenarios are possible.

If you are using a soft synth, just plug is the keyboard’s MIDI OUT to the MIDI IN of the device and can plug 2 mics.

If you are using the keyboard’s internal sounds, you still can plug the keyboard output to the instrument input, but the sound will be mono.
…. One way to achieve a pseudo stereo, is to pan the keyboard’s sound to one side, and its Echo to the other side with a small delay.

The alternative is to connect the keyboard’s SPDIF Optical OUT to the Babyface RME Optical IN. (Hopefully  modern keyboards do have SPDIF Optical).

The Babyface RME is priced higher than similar audio interfaces.
But, quality is priceless.

Buying cheap products doesn’t save you money in the long run.
You can buy an audio device for a couple of hundreds but you might find yourself wanting or needing to buy another one after a few months.
Result: you spend more money and you don’t enjoy the benefits that a good quality audio device can provide.

Buying the Babyface RME is investing in a professional sound device that will not be outdated for many years.

Users testimonials.

  • I wanted the silver Babyface but bought the blue as there had been reports of some grinding of the jog-wheel on the silver units. The blue model doesn’t seem to have that issue and my blue’s jog-wheel operates flawlessly. Unlike most, I am not using this to record, it’s sole use will be as a (trans)portable DAC for FLAC and 320Kbps MP3 listening through itunes and VLC.

    I also own the Duet2 and there is no comparison on playback …

  • compact and great quality. Only thing if you have a laptop and are a musician you can easily run out of usbs. Otherwise no complaints. Abit expensive compared to MOTU mk3 hybrid which has the same performance for 550 bucks. Can you resist the blue color? I couldnt!

  • This is an amazing product for its price. The converters sound fantastic and the breakout cables make this perfect. It’s now a permanent member of my mobile studio.

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