Cables needed for home studio?

Posted by Syl_ai on October - 16 - 2011

Danny B Asked: Cables needed for home studio?

(haha and please understand I am a ROOKIE, FRESH, NEW, GREEN, I KNOW NOTHING! Even the best producer at one time didn't know the difference between XLR and TRS) Building a simple home studio, taking on a new interest and I'm learning theres a LOT more to learn than I thought. While I expected none of it to be easy, I'm having a hard to getting passed the setup. I've got everything unboxed and ready to setup, most is setup, but I'm stuck at the cables. What cables and honestly I'm confused as to what plugs into what, I want to tie everything in together with my computer, interface, mixer, all that. Here's everything I have and what I think I need to set them all up together.

I've got a PC with FL and Ableton Live for my DAWs.

Akai MPK49 and XR20 Midi controllers.

Hercules RMX

KRK Rokit 5 Monitors. (came with XLRs) I need 1/4 balanced TRS?? OR XLR to 1/4 TRS?

Focusrite Audio Interface.

Behringer 605 mixer.

Mic with XLR cable.

Now I know I plug my mic into the mixer with the XLR cable I've got that.

I know I plug the mixer into the interface but with what cables 1/4 trs?

I'm pretty much in the dark from here, I know how to use these all seperately but I've never tied anything together to use with my computer before. So if you were to setup all of this together step by step preferably.. how do i connect all of this to the mixer and interface? What cables do I need and what goes to what? Thank you for any help or advice I really appreciate it. Don't want to buy the wrong cables! (Do I need the next step up from the behringer 605 mixer? I can always unplug what I'm not using for now, but does everything get plugged into the mixer? Midi controllers, monitors, mic, etc?)

All I know is;

XLR for Mic
1/4 TRS Balanced or XLR to TRS for monitors.
RCA or TRS for Hercules RMX

Instrument to Mixer to Interface to Computer



youmurthafocker Answered:
The only thing you can do is clean the cars and make sure the fan's running correctly.

If it is then you would need to reseat the heatsink on the graphics card. If you choose to do this you will have to clean up all the old thermal compound, then replace it with decent compound like Arctic Silver 5. You can buy AS5 at Radio Shack. You will need 90% rubbing alcohol that you can buy at Walgreens.

If this is too much trouble you could look at buying another card. This will solve the problem. Cards like the Nvidia GT 430 and Radeon 5570 would be a good choice for you. Unless Best Buy is having a sale, I would try to avoid them since they mark their graphics cards up 50% past MSRP.

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