If you have a Recording Microphone?

Posted by Syl_ai on October - 14 - 2011

Charlie Asked: If you have a Recording Microphone?

im 16 years old and a writer of rap, ive made a small home studio and got some equipment including cubase 5 software for recording and editing/mastering, speakers, audio interface for a microphone, now im deciding what mic to get and my price range is up to 150 so maybe roughly $180??? im am probably going to get the Audio Technica A2035 as i heard that is a brilliant mic and produces studio quality recordings, but my question is not about the equipment its about my voice when recording, i have a very deep voice for a white guy, and it sound very monotone when speaking normally, obviously when making tracks you are going to put emotion into your lyrics but i have not had the chance to try yet as the only mic i have is a tiny boom mic attached to a headset for online gaming, basically when i have recorded small samples of lyrics from that boom mic my voice has sounded horrific, and there would be no point in buying a expensive recording mic if my voice would sound similar to that on tracks i record, my question is basically will my voice sound anything like it does on a crappy 5 worth boom mic on a 150 audio technica microphone especially if i put emotion and a proper rapping voice over it? i dont think it will sound the same but you guys may have more experience, thank you.


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