Roland Tri Capture

Roland Tri-Capture

The Roland Tri-Capture is great for video production, web streaming, and creating podcasts with unique LOOP BACK function.

It features a XLR (balanced) microphone input with phantom power, plus 1/4-inch input with Hi-Z switch for connecting a guitar directly.
Stereo AUX input with dedicated volume control.
Balanced 1/4-inch TRS outputs and headphone jack .

Low-latency ASIO driver; recording and playback at rates up to 24-bit/96 kHz.
USB bus powered with 24-bit/96 kHz operation.
Cakewalk SONAR X1 LE included.

Product Description.

Roland tri-captureThe new head of its class is the multifaceted TRI-CAPTURE USB interface.

It is a unique, compact audio interface optimized for personal and mobile recording, vocal and guitar recording, and streaming-internet applications.
With its mixer-like design and dedicated front-panel controls, TRI-CAPTURE makes it easy to mix, control, and monitor a variety of signals.
Plug a microphone into the XLR input, an instrument into the 1/4-inch jack, and a stereo instrument or device into the AUX input.
The unique REC MODE section provides instant selection of recording scenarios, including LOOP BACK for web streaming applications.
TRI-CAPTURE is full-featured yet portable, and is USB bus powered for a clean, simple setup.

Users testimonials.

  • I purchased this beautifully designed interface about a month ago. I had first tried a Tascam US-800 interface, but I sent it back, as it would not communicate with my computer. The Roland instantly recognized my computer, and it works every time that I plug it in (just make sure you use the same USB port each time.)

  • What sets this unit aside from the rest of the interfaces, is it has a 3rd input for a drum machine or an MP3 player, so if you have a guitar (or bass), plus plug a microphone in to sing, you have another input for your drums or MP3 player. You can also loop a youtube video into the unit as well, which is great for guitar players who want to play along for guitar instruction.

  • I wanted to try eJamming Audiio (online jamming), so I purchased this tri-capture to run my Roland V-Drums through it as well as a microphone and mp3 player. It was easy to plug and play (and came with software to configure it). No problems what so ever. What might have been nice is to have it battery powered as well as USB powered. If I take it to a gig and create a mix of myself (drums/vocals/Mp3 player), I have to have USB power. Luckily, the Roland TD9 drumkit has a USB port that can power this device, but others might not be so lucky.

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Roland Tri-Capture has a big brother called Quad-Capture. Roland Quad-Capture
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